Friday Lecture Series

The Friday Lecture Series was launched in 2009. This is a platform where we invite academicians, scholars, activists and people from all walks of life to speak and interact with our students in their field of expertise.

Coordinator : Arzuman Ara (

Assistant Coordinator : Alankar Kaushik (

Society for Performing Arts and other Cultural Activities:

Under the initiative of Society for Performing Arts and Other Cultural Activities of EFL University, Shillong campus, students are encouraged to participate in Debate, Quiz and other literary activities. The Society also hold workshops on Performing Arts and Language Festival titled “ Concilio”

Coordinator: Alankar Kaushik (

Assistant Coordinator : Abir Suchiang (

Society for Film Appreciation:

Under the initiative of the Society for Film Appreciation, the students of the campus are shown Regional, English and other Foreign language movies at least once in a month. Directors of film and documentary from India and abroad are invited to interact with our students.

Incharge and Coordinator : Gin Muan Thang (

Limited facility for outdoor sports:

Students are given facilities for outdoor games viz basketball, badminton and so on. They also have indoor facilities of Table Tennis in their respective hostels.