Children in Media Experiments 2013

The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at The English and Foreign Languages University, Shillong Campus in partnership with UNICEF, Assam is organizing an Orientation Programme on Rights of the Child (ROC) under the project Children in Media Experiments (CHIME) to facilitate an interactive discourse on the issues facing the predicament of child rights – their implication, implementation and violation in our society through the use of different forms of media. Undergraduate level students from various Colleges and Universities across Meghalaya are invited to attend and take an active role in the event.

OBJECTIVES of the Project:

Keeping in mind the overall goals of UNICEF as well as the specific purpose of the Rights of the Children, the proposed ROC will primarily work with students of Undergraduate level of various colleges and universities in Meghalaya to aware and to orient them in understanding the rights of the child and document their understanding through the use of various forms of media:

  • To orient the students of undergraduate level about the Rights of the Children and the possible ways to document the violations of the Child Rights. The students of undergraduate level are in the average age group of 18-21 years. India's burgeoning youth brigade and the nation's young constitute 65 percent of its population below the age of 35, and 47 percent under 20.
  • To encourage the upcoming journalists (students of Mass Communication) to participate actively in the mapping of the problems in the locality or villages with regard to issues of Child Rights.
  • To enable the students of undergraduate level of various colleges to enter a dialogue with various children of the community in addressing their issues.
  • To build the capacities of the students of undergraduate level to report, monitor and document various issues of children by using different modes of media viz Print, Video, mobile footages, photographs, web portal and so on.
  • To impart training to students of undergraduate level in the basics of photography, print design layout, video production et al so that they gain the technical knowledge to undertake the aforementioned tasks.

Management Plan:

  • A maximum of 30 students of undergraduate level will be invited to EFL University, Shillong campus to attend a one-day orientation programme on the Rights of Children. The resource personnel for said Orientation may include officials from the Child Welfare Department, Journalists, Non-Governmental organizations and other related eminent personae working for the Rights of the Child.
  • The students will be categorized into groups to discuss the various rights and issues related to children and then they will move to assigned locations in the city of Shillong to interact and document the concerned issues identified by them.
  • The students of Mass Communication and Journalism of EFL University, Shillong campus will also visit a number of rural areas in Meghalaya and other places outside Shillong city to interact and document various issues identified by them.
  • The documentation process will also involve a recce to the specific chosen areas.
  • The department of Mass Communication and Journalism, EFL University will also organize a two day Regional level seminar inviting various scholarly papers, poster presentation, case studies on the theme decided by the work and issues identified by the students on the Rights of the Child based on the two stages mentioned above.
  • Based on the outcome of the Regional level Seminar, selected papers and other relevant presentations judged by a panel will get published in the form of a book.
  • The project will conclude with a dissemination process of the documentation by the students in various forms and announcement and placing of the select best papers, before an open audience. Invited guests for this session may include academicians, journalists and eminent personalities from Shillong. The session will be followed by a discussion on the aforementioned theme.
  • The project work will begin in EFL University, Shillong campus. Once the orientation of the students is undertaken successfully, the group of students will start the documentation in the various forms chosen by them.

Project activities & implementation plan:

As mentioned above, the project will be implemented in the four following stages:

Stage 1: One day orientation programme on the above theme with a maximum of 30 students of undergraduate level from various colleges and universities across Shillong moderated by the invited resource persons.

Stage 2: The students will move to their chosen project areas and document the issues addressed by them in either of the forms from a range of options including photos, video, newsletter or any online portal.

Stage 3: The department will organize a two day Regional level seminar inviting various scholarly papers, poster presentation, case studies from Universities, NGO’s, media persons from Northeastern region on the theme decided by the work and issues identified by the students on the Rights of the Child based on the two stages mentioned above.

Stage 4: Dissemination process and announcement and presentation of the best papers (selected by a panel) before an open audience.

Tentative Time frame:

Stage 1: August 19, 2013

Stage 2: August 22 – September 30, 2013

Stage 3: October 31 - November 01, 2013

Stage 4: November 15, 2013

* The time frame is kept tentative till we get the final approval of the proposal both from EFL University, Shillong campus and UNICEF Assam

Expected outcomes/deliverables:

  • Videos, photos, newsletters or web portals documented and designed by the students
  • Selected scholarly papers and presentations
  • Publication compiling the best selected papers
  • Reactions, comments, feedback from the open audience on the final day of dissemination
  • EFLU Shillong in consultation with UNICEF to negotiate with regional dailies to give a space for the stories documented by the students during the process of this project and also local TV stations to broadcast the respective films

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